We kindly pass on the warranty to our customers that we are offered from the Paint Shops.

There is a 5-year warranty which guarantees that the paint applied will not peel, blister or flake. 10- years guarantee on all Taubmans and Dulux Premium products as manufactured.

We guarantee to treat our clients with respect and discuss all their ideas and our process of the painting with them.

We guarantee to properly, safely protect and cover all areas of our clients’ homes that is not to be painted.

Our painting service guarantees our clients’ full satisfaction. It is our priority to make our customers happy, and kindly ask them to recommend our painting services to their friends and family.


Our warranty does NOT cover the following:

The peeling, blistering or flaking of paint supplied by the client

Damage caused by water, mold, mildew

Damage caused by the shifting of the house

Metals that have rusted